Young Jeezy f/ Plies "Lose My Mind" (2010) "There's a studio I like to lock myself in and work out of called Music House [in Atlanta]. I locked myself out there and made some music. I didn't know I was making a particular beat for Jeezy. A lot of times I lock myself in the studio and just make as many beats as I can. That was one week where I made about 30 or 40 in a couple days, just stacked up on beats. I think I had sold like five or six beats in one day, to a couple different cats, and I was like, 'Damn, I need more beats.' Every time I sell beats, I try and replace them. If I sell five, I make ten. A lot of times after I leave studios and I do a lot of beats, I categorize them—the next day I spend the day listening to beats and decide who I think they're for."

"I shot some shit to my manager for Kanye, Lupe, and Jeezy. I was shooting it out to everybody who I thought needed to be on what beat. That was January, Jeezy didn't hit me back until March. I think we mixed 'Lose My Mind' in March. He hit me like, 'Yo, I got one.' I heard it and was I like, 'Damn, you picked that beat?' It surprised me. I remember he called me and asked me, 'Why you ask me that? If I used that beat or not? You didn't expect me to fuck with that beat, nigga? You didn't think I was gonna kill that beat?' I was like, 'That shit just different. I didn't know you could rock it like that.' On that particular beat I was trying something different. I was trying to switch my shit up since there's so many beat-biting-ass niggas out here.

"I put a little West Coast flavor, a little New York flavor, a little down South. That synth, there's no holds in the beat. Just the bells, a real Space Age, losing my mind, psychiatric-type of feel. The way I did that synth, no quantizations and I played it live, kind of sliding across the keyboard. Real deranged-type shit. Take the club over. It's hypnotizing."