We all know the feeling of studying in silence—or, technically, the impossibility of finding true silence. The tick of your library’s analog clock, random paper shuffling, the occasional sneeze, the hum of impending existential dread; these are all staples of the late night study sesh, but they don’t have to be with the right study playlist.

With the amount of music available on Spotify, it can be a little bit daunting to try and throw a playlist together yourself. You know that classical music is always a good bet, but you’re also painfully aware of your limitations on identifying composers. Ambient noise sounds like a good idea until you stumble down the wrong path and end up trying to learn the laws of psychics to what sounds like a visit to a Rainforest Cafe. You could throw on Complex’s Best New Music of the Week, but you’ll more likely end up hitting a shoot dance in your study room than actually getting work done.

Thankfully, other people have done the hard work for you and put together the perfect study playlists. We’ve done the rest of the hard work and compiled them for you here. Now you get to do the actual hard work and, well, study. From pop to classical to instrumental to electronic, these study playlists will create the perfect auditory environment for your academic success.