Navigating the vast world of music discovery on streaming services can be daunting, but Spotify has invested considerable resources into its always-on approach to playlist curation, helping curious listeners of all expertise levels—from the openminded but casual background enjoyer to the enviably skilled solo tastemaker—find their way in the musical wilderness.

For some time now, the predominant experience of music discovery has differed from the old days of digging through blogs (or actual brick-and-mortar record stores), but there is still something undeniably magical about falling in love with a new artist on a playlist. And if you find one artist you like, there will likely be several more on the same playlist. The discoveries come in batches, not unlike how a helpful record store clerk or trusted blogger might have made carefully considered suggestions pre-streaming boom.

As for the artists themselves, it’s no secret that getting on playlists is more important than ever. In more ways than one, playlisting has exploded over the years to have inarguably become the new radio.

So if you want to be truly tapped in with the latest discoveries in music, you need to be following the right playlists. From Complex’s own weekly roundup of the very best new music to Spotify’s popular RapCaviar brand, here are the best Spotify playlists right now.