Woman Documents Husband-Free Honeymoon in Greece With Hilarious Series of Photos

Her husband was denied a visa, this woman decided to make the most of her honeymoon by taking some hilarious photos. Huma Mobin has now started a travel blog

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Being alone is dope. Without the accompaniment of a fellow human, you can be certain there are no Netflix compromises. No competing aux cord moments. No chance of getting busted on Pokémon Go. However, if you're married, chances are none of that is super appealing. Hence the birth of this truly viral moment, in which a clearly awesome Pakistani couple made the best of a spoiled honeymoon by flipping the whole thing into some photographic comedy:

Huma Mobin on Facebook

Here's the back story: Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever were planning to hit Greece for some honeymooning, but Arsalaan was denied a visa by the Greek border agency. Taking her fresh in-laws with her, Huma decided to simply go to Greece alone whilst chronicling her journey with some playfully somber pics:

Huma Mobin at Greece Lake

"He's the life of the party, my better half," Huma told the BBC program Outside Source earlier this week. "I wouldn't have gone without him but he forced me to."

According to Huma, the idea for the comedic photo vibes was first spawned in 2015 when Arsalaan went to Budapest alone for work. Thankfully, they continued the trend when their plans for a properly turnt honeymoon were temporarily paused.

Huma at Budapest

"The first night I cried my eyes out on my mother-in-law's shoulder, who really comforted me and told me to make the best of it," Huma said. As for anyone wondering what fellow travelers might think of someone taking photos in which they're embracing an invisible person, Huma said plenty of other people were "literally breaking their necks with the selfie sticks." So, yeah, no biggie.

Huma Mobin

Thanks to the inevitable viral sensation surrounding the photos, Huma Mobin has now started a travel blog on Facebook. Peep some more hilarity below:

Huma Mobin Travel Blog Post
Huma Mobin at Boat Dock
Huma Mobin on Facebook
Huma Mobin at a Marketplace

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