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Some people will do anything for love. A thrifty gamer customized an old Monopoly board to craft the perfect proposal. Terry Crews went on a 90-day sex fast and apparently brought him closer to his wife. A creative genius took things even further by making a video game which culminated in him popping the big question.

Now comes a California man who tried to do things on an epic scale but, unlike the previously mentioned, it completely backfired on him. Michael Banks found himself stranded 80 feet from the ground after climbing Morro Rock to ask his girlfriend to marry him, the Associated Press reports. He did the deed over Facetime and she said yes, but then something happenedhe got stuck.


Rescuers had to pluck him from the ledge via chopper and he turned out unharmed. The same can’t be said for his ego or his bank account. According to Time, the City of Morro Bay revealed on its Facebook page that the stunt is going to cost him big time. “The gentleman will be billed for the chopper ride and other related costs,” a post read.

Pro tip: A nice dinner and a carriage ride would have been a whole lot cheaper (and less dangerous).