Black Georgia Deputy Forced to Resign Because He 'Disgraced the Uniform' by Wearing Afro Wig

Deputy Antonio Perryman went on to accuse Sheriff Mann of being hypocritical.

Former DeKalb County Deputy Antonio Perryman was forced to resign after he decided to wear an afro wig while on duty. 

Perryman's career with the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department came to an end just three days before he was able to celebrate 20 years of service. During a conversation with Atlanta's ABC affiliate, Perryman explained that he decided to wear the wig while directing traffic in front of the court building in hopes to bring smiles to citizens.

His plan worked as several people took pictures of Perryman and posted them on social media. Yet after his shift ended, Perryman received a call from a superior officer, Deputy Sheriff Melody Maddox, who claimed both she and Sheriff Jeffrey Mann were not pleased. As a punishment, Perryman was forced into retirement. 

"I was later informed by Chief Maddox that she and the sheriff were totally upset over the Afro wig and told me that I disgraced the uniform," Perryman said. He went on to accuse Mann of being hypocritical as he's battling legal issues that are more disgraceful than wearing a costume. "When she told me that, I just got numb. Like ‘I disgraced the uniform?'" Perryman continued. "And in my mind, I'm here saying that we got a sheriff running through Piedmont Park from the police like it's an episode of Cops."

Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was charged with indecency and obstruction in 2017. There's also a video of the sheriff trying to evade police by running through a city park. Mann pleaded guilty to a lesser charge which prohibits him from enforcing the law at a state level. Mann is still appealing this conviction. Perryman will likely put in an appeal of his own.

Perryman planned on honoring his two decades of service by retiring from the force once he amassed 20 years. "My plan was to finish with the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office with 20 years of service and I got robbed from that," Perryman said. He wants his record to reflect an actual retirement. 

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