Bernie Sanders Gets Quizzed on the Resale Value of Sneakers by Desus and Mero

Bernie Sanders is back on the campaign trail after a health scare last month, and now he's getting quizzed on the resale value of sneakers by Desus and Mero.

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Bernie Sanders is back on the campaign trail following a health scare last month, and he just stopped by Desus and Mero to offer his thoughts on the legalization of weed, Cardi B, and the impeachment of Donald Trump. Early on in the interview, Sanders confirmed he has never eaten a chopped cheese, and he also scoffed at the idea of being a Brooklyn Nets fan. But the real highlight came when the charismatic duo asked him to guess how much certain sneakers cost.

The first pair brought out was Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1 Retro High, which retailed for $175 but are currently going for upwards of $1,500 on the resale market. "How much do you think this retails for?" Sanders was asked. "$100," he replied. When he was told how much, Sanders recoiled. "Paying $1,500 for a pair of sneakers? Mmm, I think I'll pass."

He was presented with the Off-White and Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago, which Sanders guessed would cost around $250. When told the resell on it is roughly $4,500, he asked, "Is this a status thing?" Hearing it's a "flex," he shook his head and looked somewhat concerned anyone would be willing to spend that much on shoes. "I really don't like that idea, people paying $4,500."

Sanders recently unveiled his marijuana legalization plan at 4:20 p.m. ET, and he spoke further about its details when Desus and Mero brought up the subject. "Under the controlled substances act, marijuana is at the same level as heroin, which is insane," Sanders said. "So we take it out of that, which essentially legalizes marijuana all over this country. And the second thing we do is move to expunge the records of those people who have been arrested for marijuana." He also stressed that he doesn't want to see big companies turning huge profits on the legalization of marijuana, and instead wants people of color and those most impacted by weed's criminalization to benefit.

The duo couldn't interview Sanders without asking him who his favorite rapper is, to which he replied, "Killer Mike is a good friend." The Democratic nominee hopeful also praised Cardi B, with whom he has previously sat down for a chat.

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