Video Shows Circle K Hostages Subduing Armed Murder Suspect

New surveillance video reveals what exactly went down when Joel McClain Carson reportedly shot and killed a man in a Circle K hostage situation.

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New surveillance video reveals what exactly went down when 53-year-old Joel McClain Carson shot and killed a man in a Phoenix, Arizona Circle K hostage situation. It has already been reported that McClain Carson was tackled to the ground by one of his hostages, only for the rest of the people trapped in the store to attack him. Now the video shows exactly how that happened, with one brave individual grabbing ahold of the gun.

During the incident, McClain Carson walked up to one man and shot him in the back of the head. 24-year-old Efran Hernandez died at the scene shortly after being shot, although the gunman attempted to shoot numerous other individuals in the store. He was unsuccessful due to a malfunction with his weapon, which he reportedly stole before walking into the Circle K.

The misfiring of the gun prompted one hostage to tackle the gunman, wrestling him to the ground as others joined in to make sure he was down. The front of the store was blocked with a donut case that Carson used as a barricade. The hostages took the weapon and ran outside, although one employee remained in the back office to avoid being found.

A SWAT team then rushed the store after an hour of negotiation with Carson, who woke up in a daze after being knocked out. He was shot but survived and reportedly told police that he "wanted police to kill him." He is facing a first-degree murder charge. 

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