This Dating App Enlists a Team of Moms to Help You Find Love

Mom always knows best.

Mothers always know best, and that’s why a new dating app called Inner Circle is putting a group of them to work to help you find true love. 

According to Mashable, six Amsterdam-based women/mothers are using their experience as “people who conquered the dating game” to approve users and handle the app’s customer support. Users applying to the app are judged by their social media presence on other platforms. This helps the mothers sift out all the jerks and players trying to join. “Bottom line: in a sea of ghosting and zombie-ing, it's not looks, job title, or talents that mark you out as special, but manners," a spokesperson for the app told Mashable

After vetting a user’s social media platforms, the team of moms may offer advice on which profile picture they think someone should use. "They also advise members on why they might not be getting enough interaction on the app, or why the messages they are sending are not getting replies," Inner Circle Communications and PR Manager Nichi Hodgson told Mashable. "They've even been known to counsel people into getting back on the horse after a dating relationship they were really hopeful about didn't work out, giving the members little confidence boosts along the way." 

Forget tech support. If you’re not getting any action on the app or are having a hard time finding dates, these moms are here for emotional support. The moms don’t just use analytics or numbers to help users, but their own experience. "They are rare in the dating community–most advice aimed at young single people is coming from young single people!" Hodgson explained. "They have real proven life experience to help qualify their advice."

Often users ask the support team why no one is reaching out to them or why another user hasn’t responded to their message. One member of the customer service team says that the hardest questions are ones that have to do with a user’s self-esteem. “Anything that indicates the user has an underlying deeper sense of low self-esteem-you can give real encouragement and positive feedback on how to best use the app, but you can't solve confidence issues overnight,” support member Jacqueline told Mashable. “Kind and positive words always help move things in the right direction though!"

Inner Circle has been dubbed an “elite” dating app in the past, but even if you can’t get approved to join, the principle that guides the dating site is a good one to follow. Perhaps it's time to stop asking your single buds for dating advice and look for someone who has successfully conquered the dating your mom.

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