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LG's highly anticipated rollable phone will hit the market this year. 

The Korean tech giant revealed at the CES convention on Monday that its rumored rollable phone is real and is aptly named: the LG Rollable. LG's rolling phone was first introduced with the LG Wing in September. Initially, consumers could only see a dimly lit side view of what looked like a standard-sized phone that slid out into a slim tablet. But, LG decided to show the full range of the phone at CES. 

The LG Rollable has a smooth scrolling screen that rolls out to expand the phone. It is assumed that the screen will be able to expand and contract based on the user's needs, similar to LG's rollable televisions. 

Two teasers were shown for the phone during the event. LG then revealed that the Rollable will be available to consumers with the smartphone/tablet hybrid rumored to be released in March 2021.