A Washington state Trump supporter has been arrested after allegedly firing his gun at counter-protesters, the Associated Press reports

The Olympia Police Department arrested the currently unnamed suspect on charges of first and second-degree assault. The man was reportedly part of a MAGA group that was rallying and marching near the Washington state Capitol in support of Trump. Per the Shore News Network, this group was met by resistance from counter-protesters. This led to an altercation that prompted the man to discharge his weapon.

"An arrest was made for two counts of felony assault. An additional charge may be referred for reckless endangerment as well," the police department said via Twitter. "We did make an arrest for a subject that appeared to fire at least one round from a handgun into the opposing crowd."

In all, close to 200 people were involved in the fight. Along with the single gunshot, police say that bats, pepper spray, bottles, and other weapons were used during the incident. Police were urging the crowd to disperse when the suspect pulled out the pistol and fired towards the opposing crowd. He also allegedly used the handgun to assault a victim. It's unclear if the bullet struck someone, but police got a tip that a person might have been hit. They're asking that person to come forward so proper charges can be brought against the suspect.