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Fort Bragg's official Twitter account was deactivated Wednesday afternoon, following a series of lewd messages posted to the page.

Twitter users noticed that around 4:30 p.m. ET, the military base's verified account began responding to another account featuring adult content. User @Quinnfinite10 had shared a post about an individual who had complained about the pubic hair displayed on her OnlyFans page. The Fort Bragg account shared a message in support of @Quinnfinite10 and her body hair.

"He's lost and doesn't know a good thing when it's staring him in the eyes, or ticking his nose in this case," the Fort Bragg tweet read.

The account for the U.S. army base, which is located in North Carolina, also posted a reply to a topless photo shared on @Quinnfinite10's page. The response tweet described a fantasy about performing intercourse and oral sex on @Quinnfinite10 before giving her "a deep long kiss."

Shortly after the horny tweets were published, Fort Bragg's Twitter account was nowhere to be found. Fort Bragg spokesperson Tom McCollum told the Fayetteville Observer the account was hacked and that the Army Criminal Investigation Division is looking into the breach.

"We’ve deleted those images, reset our password and reset the two-cycle authentication process," McCollum said. "We apologize to anyone who follows us on Twitter and don't know how this happened."

You can read responses to the ordeal below.