Two people have died and 15 have been wounded in a shooting outside a Kansas City bar after the Chiefs won a big football game.

The gunman opened fire on people waiting in line to get into the bar just before 11:30 p.m. local time on Sunday night, CNN reports. He was stopped by an armed security guard. Officers were close by when the shooting occurred but weren’t involved in the shooting and didn’t fire any shots.

A man and woman died in the parking lot—and police believe the man was the shooter. They don’t know if the gunman was targeting a specific person or if there was a disturbance that caused the shooting.

On Sunday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship game to claim a spot in the Super Bowl. It’s the Chiefs’ first time being in the Super Bowl in 50 years.

“It just put such a tragic end to such a wonderful day in Kansas City,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said about the team’s win, per USA Today. “It’s just hard to stand here and talk about this kind of tragedy on really one of the best days Kansas City has had in a long time.”

Mayor Quinton Lucas expressed his condolences on Monday. “Our greatest challenges remain even this morning in our community," Lucas said. “Thankful security appears to have kept the situation from being even worse.”

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