Donald Trump spoke at the International Association of Chiefs of Police and surprisingly took a moment to shower the event’s host city of Chicago with praise. Oh, who are we kidding? As expected, Trump returned to his typical talking points about the Chi, which involves him playing up the violence in the city by comparing it to Afghanistan.

While at the IACP, Trump slammed the city, saying, "All over the world they're talking about Chicago. Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison." He also said that the city is "embarrassing to us as a nation."

Trump used this same imagery to describe Baltimore’s homicide rate just two months ago. 

Trump may have been especially critical of Chicago after Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson publicly declared he was boycotting Trump’s IACP speech. Their war of words continued later today when Johnson issued a response. 

People also hit the streets of Chicago to protest Trump while others took to Twitter to slam his comments.

Trump is in Chicago.

And thousands of people have come out to protest him.

— Joshua Potash 🆘 (@JoshuaPotash) October 28, 2019

Several hundred people gathered across the river from Trump Tower to protest the president’s visit to Chicago today

— Grace Hauck (@grace_hauck) October 28, 2019