Brazilian gang leader Clauvino da Silva believed he had an ingenious idea on how to escape prison. The infamous alleged drug trafficker, known by his nickname "Shorty," made an escape bid dressed as his 19-year-old daughter. Clauvino wore a mask and a wig as well as woman's clothing in an attempt to walk out unnoticed, according to the Associated Press.

He reportedly planned to leave his daughter inside his prison cell, swapping out clothes with her. Authorities are currently looking into her role as a possible accomplice to his escape plan, which took place on Saturday. Police noticed Clauvino when he started to act suspicious, giving himself away. The visually disturbing disguise can be seen below.

The video shows him removing his disguise one piece at a time. Authorities say he led one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Brazil, the Rec Command. The gang has been tied to drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro. He is currently serving a 73-year sentence for drug trafficking and has since been moved to a unit in a maximum security prison.

Clauvino da Silva has escaped prison before via sewer in 2013.