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A dog (which appears to have been a husky) was found dead after arriving to LAX following a nearly 11-hour flight from Amsterdam, according to TMZ.

The dog had been on an Air France-KLM jetliner, and sources for that airline say it was discovered dead upon its arrival in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon. Those familiar with the incident further say that the dog had been incorrectly loaded into the plane's cargo hold, and that it suffocated from the lack of oxygen during the flight.

The owner of the pet was said to be understandably devastated when she went to pick up its body from an Air France LAX warehouse. TMZ adds that they saw images of the animal, but that they were too messed up to publish.

This is not nearly the first time that someone's pet has died as a result of airline incompetence. If more information becomes available we'll be sure to update this story.