Since becoming one of the country's most divisive presidents, Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been the subject of countless  incidents of vandalism. Last week, however, was unprecedented as the star was defaced twice in one day. Despite this, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that it will not deviate from its routine patrol of the president's star.

On Wednesday morning (Dec. 21), a man littered Trump's star with swastikas other harsh words. And although this was quickly cleaned up by an overachieving citizen, it didn't take long for the square to be attacked again. According to TMZ, anger from a nearby PETA protest spilled over leading a man to drench the star with the organization's signature fake blood. Of course, this is not the first time Trump's star has been disrespected. Throughout Trump's presidency, his star has had several images drawn on it and was attacked with a pickax and a sledgehammer. As a result, many are wondering if the LAPD will increase the amount of police to patrol the star. The short answer is no. 

According to law enforcement sources the department does not possess enough resources to curb the graffiti as it happens too frequently. Extra manpower to patrol the star is not possible. However, they did say they will still respond to calls regarding the vandalism, but that's all they can/will do. 

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