There's several things worse than someone giving you free, trash-tier candy, but that doesn't mean it's not a problem we should all be looking to solve. Reese's has kids in (a very specific section of) New York City covered this Halloween, with a machine that will let them exchange their bad candy for Reese's. 

"No tricks here," the company wrote in a tweet announcing it's 5th Avenue candy converting machine. "Trade in your Halloween candy for Reese's candy. What'd you expect from the GOAT of Halloween?!"

The machine will be active for 5 hours (or until it runs out of the 10,000 cups stored inside) on Halloween night. Kids can trade in their Good n' Plentys or Jujubes for one of the top-tier candies around, even if they don't always get the shapes quite right. (We're sure that lots of folks will be making candy corn jokes about these machines but they just don't know that candy corn is good, actually.)

While we can't think of anyone who has ever looked at a Reese's Cup and thought "That's too much," Hershey's recently announced plans to launch a new thinner version of the treat with 40% less of the good stuff. "Reese's Thins" are set to launch in March.  

"This product is about 40% thinner than the original cup, and it appeals to those consumers who want something sweet with more permissibility," Hershey North America's President Michele Buck said on a recent call with investors.

In the meanwhile, Reese's is absolutely wrecking ish in our Halloween Candy Bracket. It's up to the Elite Eight where it's squaring off with Sour Patch Kids. 

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