Ben & Jerry's has always worn its progressive-leaning politics on its sleeve (err, label). But today, they took that to another level with the introduction of an anti-Donald Trump brand of ice cream called Pecan Resist. 

The new flavor consists of chocolate ice cream with white and dark chocolate chunks, fudge-covered almonds, walnuts and, of course, pecans. The label features three women of color with the central figure holding up a "Resist" sign. We can hear the cynics workshopping their sheet cake jokes from here.  

"This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump's regressive agenda," the company said upon unveiling the new flavor in Washington, D.C. 

According to TMZ, the company also said that they "could not be silent" as President Donald Trump attacked progress made in the various arenas of equality. In particular, the company pointed out Trump's plans to roll back protections for LGBT people and its denial of climate change.   

When the publication caught the company's titular heads leaving the press conference, they asked the about the new flavor and were met with charged up calls to "resist" and "vote." They also admitted that they were down with the idea of handing out the sweet treat at polling places, though we're sure that probably counts as campaigning. 

The company partnered with several progressive organizations around the flavor's rollout and are pushing their fans to join their mailing lists at their website.

Last month, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield announced that they were making special flavors for 7 Democratic candidates running for office in the midterm elections. 

"We need a Democratic majority to check President Trump’s unrestrained power," Cohen and Greenfield previously said in a statement shared with MoveOn. "And we also need to send progressive champions to Congress who will fix our health care system with Medicare for All, protect clean air and water, and get big money out of politics."