Following weeks of media-fueled hype, House Republicans finally released a controversial memo that purportedly revealed the DOJ’s political bias in the 2016 Russian investigation. Though many GOP members claimed the document was “bigger than Watergate,” it wasn’t exactly explosive. The memo did very little to support its core claim, and, in fact, revealed that the Russian probe was extremely necessary.

It was another L for Trump and his Republican supporters.

Shortly after the memo was declassified and deemed a dud, Twitter began trolling POTUS with the hashtag #YoMemoJokes—an obvious play on the classic schoolyard “Yo momma” disses. 

God bless the internet.

Please enjoy some of the best #YoMemoJokes tweets below. 

Despite the widespread consensus that the Devin Nunes-drafted memo was a nothing-burger, Trump insists that it “vindicated” him. Which makes us wonder if he actually read the damn thing.