Some mugshots go viral because the people in them are famous, or attractive, or crying, or getting roasted. But one mugshot is going viral this week for a different reason: the dude in it is missing a big chunk of his head.

Down in Miami, Florida, 31-year-old Carlos Rodriguez was arrested earlier this week and charged with one count of first-degree arson and two counts of attempted felony murder, according to NBC Miami. Rodriguez deliberately set his mattress on fire in his duplex, where two people lived next door. According to the arrest report, Rodriguez's fire was "posing an immediate threat to the lives and safety of the occupants," which is why he got hit with the attempted murder charges. 

Charges like that alone would've gotten Rodriguez in some local headlines, but people around the world had their minds blown when they saw Rodriguez' mugshot: He's half-headed.

Rodriguez actually had his first brush with fame in 2010 when he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. When the Miami New Times shared his mugshot back then, people couldn't believe it, thinking it had to have been Photoshopped. But nope, it's real. And there are other mugshots to prove it, because even before that arrest in 2010, he had been busted for disorderly intoxication, weed possession, and burglary. 

So how did homeboy end up with half of his head? In a 2012 YouTube video, "Halfy," as he's been accurately nicknamed, explained, "I was barred out on drugs and I was driving and I hit a pole and I flew out the front window and I landed on my head." When that happened, doctors had to remove part of his brain and then fuse his noggin back together. Later in the video, while smoking a blunt, Halfy told kids not to drive when drunk or on drugs. "Drinking and driving or drugness and driving, no good, kids," he said. "No good."

In another YouTube video from 2012, again while smoking a blunt, Halfy called himself a "burnout," which kinda reminds you of how sad the whole situation is.

Regarding his current arrest, the Miami New Times reports that Rodriguez allegedly told police, "I wanted to burn down my house so I could build a new, two-story house, and I don't care if there was people in the other side of the house because it wasn't going to reach them." 

In court earlier this week, Rodriguez's public defender asked for the hearing to be reset because Rodriguez might have some "mental issues," according to NBC Miami.