No doubt the past week has been a rough one for the NFL. First with Ray Rice, second with Adrian Peterson and third with whatever player gets arrested while you're reading this. If nothing else it reminds us that athletes shouldn't be role models and in case you needed further proof, here's a list of a bunch of other sportsmen who got arrested and processed through the system.

It could happen to any of us. You have a bad day, assault charge. Drink a little too much, DUI. Mistake a police officer for a friend, solicitation. The world is full of potential pitfalls, and sometimes it seems life is testing you at every (street) corner. The difference between us and famous athletes is that if we get busted, nobody knows*. It's one of the few perks of being a nobody. This list is made up of athletes who hit rock bottom and then compounded it by taking a ridiculous picture that'd live forever in the annals of the internet. Here are the Most Ridiculous Athlete Mugshots of All Time.

*Besides our family, friends, employers and community.