Founder: Ozwald Boateng / Richard James
Year Founded: 1995 (Ozwald Boateng) / 1992 (Richard James)

Every Savile Row tailoring house deserves a place on this list, but we've singled out Boateng and James not just because of the quality of their work, but because of its significance. Boateng started making bespoke suits as a very young man in 1990, and established a new vision for what a Savile Row tailor could be. Rather than call himself a tailor, he labeled himself a "bespoke couturier," bringing a sense of fashion and design to his work making custom clothing. James founded his house in 1992, with a similar vision. Both tailor-designers used bold colors to mark a contrast with the timid and conservative tailoring houses surrounding them. Together, they established a movement known as "The New Bespoke."