When: June 25, 2021

Nast provided his two cents on the situation when he hopped on IG Live on Friday following the album’s release. He started off his message nicely by congratulating Tyler on the release of his new album. Shortly after, he says how even though fans expect him to respond in some way that he won’t because he “can’t do the back and forth with people that’s not even of [his] caliber.” He goes on to say that he hasn’t gotten his flowers yet, but has learned to accept that it likely won’t happen until he passes away. Worth noting, there are plenty of people that do admire Nast’s fashion sense and consider him one of the best dressed rappers today. Nast says he can tell he “struck a nerve” after seeing the video Tyler posted earlier that day, but that the two aren’t “beefing for real.” 

“We don’t have an actual beef. We aren’t beefing for real guys. It’s all good,” says Nast during his livestream. “He’s still Rocky’s boy. He’s still my boy. But if n****s really wanna have a swag off, holla at me.” Nast’s idea, a Zoolander-esque battle on Fairfax Avenue. 

For anyone who is looking for a response from Nast on wax, you may have to keep waiting. He says that the only way he will drop a response record is if Tyler “goes crazier” with another verse or recruits his old Odd Future buddy Earl Sweatshirt for a verse about the situation. —Mike DeStefano