Tyler, the Creator dropping Call Me If You Get Lost was semi-unexpected. About a week before its actual release date he posted short videos and vignettes to his IG and YouTube giving everyone a feel for what he had in store. But we’re not sure if anyone expected that the playful, happy-go-lucky rapper’s album drop would be associated with any type of “beef.” Until Tyler got on IG Live and said the following: “To n****s who saying I took they style, you will never amount to me, okay? Just know that. They know who I’m talking about. Just listen to that ‘Rise!’ verse.”

The internet quickly deciphered that he was referring to ASAP Nast, a member of ASAP Mob who raps and dresses really well. Nast mixes references from his Harlem background with more traditional menswear pieces like cardigans, sweater vests, suits and trench coats. Is it revolutionary? No. Is it influential? Probably. Tyler’s style has evolved over the years from skate-influenced to more refined, preppy, and bright, but whether or not Nast had anything to do with that is unclear. Here, we explain the history of this conflict.