When it comes to New York Fashion Week, it has often taken a backseat to its overseas counterparts in Paris and Milan. This is largely due to the absence of many of the biggest luxury brands that exclusively show in Europe. And while New York may not be able to promise a presentation from Louis Vuitton or Dior in the near future, it has become a great destination to get a glimpse at the designers who will be shaping the fashion industry for years to come. 

There were plenty of noteworthy presentations this year: Heron Preston delivered a love letter to the hustle and bustle of New York City. Who Decides War fittingly highlighted some of the city’s iconic hip-hop groups, the Ruff Ryders and Diplomats, as the genre celebrates its 50th anniversary. Collina Strada crafted a zoo-like experience that transformed models into various animals. Taofeek Abijako’s Head of State told us a thoughtful story about his upbringing in Lagos. And Raul Lopez proved once again why Luar is worthy of closing out New York Fashion Week with a show honoring the powerful women he grew up observing. 

Check out more on our favorite presentations from New York Fashion Week Fall 2023 below.