Rating: 2 out of 5

This is easily my biggest gripe with the Yeezy Gap hoodies. The worst part is, it could have been easily avoided. For whatever reason, the product image colors on the Yeezy Gap site don’t match the actual hoodies I recieved. The brown hoodie I ordered is definitely a lighter shade than I thought I was getting. Of the two, I have less of a problem with this one though. It isn’t super far off. The real issue I have is with the purple hoodie. Rather than a deeper shade of purple that appears in the product shot, it was more of a magenta color, like the dog from Blue’s Clues. To be fair, the color is still really nice. But it just isn’t exactly what I thought I ordered. Considering it was as simple as changing the lighting of the product shots that appeared on the website or using the right cotton in the factory to match the photos, this was sort of annoying. In all fairness, I’m still going to wear these regardless. But fresh out of the box, this was the most glaring issue.