Don’t get us wrong, everybody loves to keep their sneakers as clean as possible. We don’t recommend going and jumping in puddles or participating in a mud run in your 1s. However, one of the best parts of 1s is that you don’t need to put in the maximum effort to make sure they look crisp at all times like a pair of white Air Force 1s. Sure, pulling out the sneaker cleaning kit when you get a gnarly scuff or accidentally end up caking your pair in mud is encouraged, but don’t be afraid of the natural wear and tear. Just wear them. With the exception of certain colorways, 1s age like wine. They look as great with some creasing as they do the first day you put them on. Customizers like Philllllthy are even distressing pairs to look like they have been thrashed for decades. It isn’t for no reason. It looks good. We get if it isn’t your vibe, but don’t be afraid to wear your shoes, people.