Hours after Tombogo’s founder, Tommy Bogo, put out a call that he was looking to hire interns on Instagram, his inbox was hit with over 200 applications. 

“I’ve always been a one-man band up until now when it comes to the back end of operations,’’ says Bogo, who independently launched his brand less than five years ago. “Since I’ve been in LA the ball has kind of been rolling a lot faster than it was. It’s getting to the point where I can’t really do everything by myself now.” 

Even while Bogo is on vacation in New York City with his family, he’s still committed to the grind. On the phone with Complex, he reveals that he’s currently putting together the third restock for his Fall 2020 collection “Freelance” and is in the city to collaborate with the New York City film camera brand Manuel NYC to shoot a new lookbook for one of his most popular collections. Bogo had a busy 2020 and screening the brand’s first-ever interns is a new experience for the 27-year-old designer, whose utilitarian clothing brand—one of three emerging brands selected by Complex for its “Brands to Watch” initiative at ComplexLand this June—has been co-signed by celebrities such as J Balvin, Freddie Gibbs, Kehlani, and more.