Yes, Ralph Lauren is the true American fashion gawd. You'd have to be in order to host such an expansive international fashion empire. While Ralph does have an extensive list of truly pricey sub-brands (looking at you Purple Label), there's no denying the charm, simplicity, and accessibility of Polo.

It's not just that there's a formal nickname for Polo disciples (aka 'Lo Heads), it's that Polo combines the luxury that Ralph has embedded into every single brand that bears his name, with a price point that isn't too prohibitive. Sure, it's easy to drop a grip in the Polo store (we've all been there), but it's also a relatively low bar of entry if you're trying to rock the RL pony on your chest. It's simple enough to incorporate a little logo flourish into your wardrobe, and comes with the luxury connotations that you'd look for in a brand as big and prestigious as Ralph Lauren. The gear is undoubtedly clean, and whether you're into Polo shirts, or you actually play Polo, there's always time to browse the shelves at Polo Ralph Lauren.