This past Sunday, a discount code leaked that claimed to give people 65% off whatever they bought online from Ralph Lauren. 65%. Off anything. Twitter went nuts, the Ralph Lauren site crashed, and people were claiming victory.

Understandably, a lot of people had their doubts as to whether Ralph Lauren would honor the purchases made with the code. But people waited with bated breath, hoping that their purchases would be honored and they'd be flourishing in head-to-toe Ralph. The whole ordeal became known as #PoloGate2014.

Just Blaze, a well-known Lo-head, absolutely ate off the 65% discount. He went on a spending frenzy, claiming victory for all Ralph enthusiasts across the country. And in case you were wondering if the flourish is real, here is definiteive proof:

64 out of 65 ain't too damn bad. Were you able to make out like a bandit from #PoloGate2014? Let us know what you copped in the comments.