YK Osiris Responds After Custom Gucci Outfit Gets Roasted by Mustard, 21 Savage, and More

The most prominent piece in the fit was a Gucci jacket that, according to Osiris, is a rare custom piece. Mustard, meanwhile, has clarified he was only joking.


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How's this for a temporary pause in the doomscrolling marathon otherwise known as 2021 and/or 2020 Pt. II?

After some playful roasting from a number of artists including 21 Savage and Mustard, YK Osiris has responded to questions he faced after recently appearing in what he's since explained was a customized Gucci jacket.

"I gotta explain myself," Osiris said in a clip shared to social media when once again showing off the jacket. "Y'all n***as so stupid. Made by Exclusive Gang. And y'all know my boy. [It's a] customized jacket. Y'all n***as be talkin' all that bullcrap." In another clip, he theorized that people would have praised the jacket in question if it were being worn by their "favorite rapper" before ultimately conceding that he should put his energy into music instead of responding to comments:

In the jacket-centered clip, Osiris also made a point to highlight the Gucci tag attached to the inside of one of the jacket's cuffs.

Mustard, who was among those who initially let loose some jokes about the Gucci-centered outfit in response to Osiris' original post, later explained to everyone in the comments who missed it that those jokes were indeed meant to be jokes. Furthermore, according to Mustard, it was never actually about the authenticity of the Gucci jacket in question.

"Look, man. It wasn't about the jacket," Mustard said. "It was about the outfit. It was a bad outfit, man. I don't why we're making this a big thing. It was a joke, man. It's just a joke. We're joking. Just like if my little brother walked out the house with that shit on, I would be like 'Bro, that outfit is horrible. Take that off!'"

Other artists who initially got in on the jokes were ASAP Ferg, Meek Mill, and more. See Osiris' original post below:

As you can see, Osiris' IG profile picture is currently a photo of Mustard, presumably in response to this ongoing saga.

Osiris was recently in headlines for his decision to give up his top-tier expensive automobiles collection in favor of a simple Hyundai. 

"Fuck a foreign," he said in an Instagram Stories update late last year. "I sold my Lamborghini, I sold my Rolls-Royce, I sold my Cadillacs. … This thing humble yourself."

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