YK Osiris Explains Why He Traded in His Expensive Cars for a Hyundai

YK Osiris took to Instagram to share that he traded in his Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, and Cadillacs for a Hyundai in order to remember where he came from.

YK Osiris attends the 2019 Soul Train Awards at the Orleans Arena

Image via Getty/Gabe Ginsberg

YK Osiris attends the 2019 Soul Train Awards at the Orleans Arena

When he's not honing his boxing skills, YK Osiris is trying to make sure that he stays grounded and doesn't forget where he came from. In his most recent efforts to stay connected to his humble beginnings, the rapper decided to get rid of his exotic vehicles and instead opt to drive a Hyundai. 

In a series of Instagram stories, Osiris reveals that he no longer feels the need to prove how much money he has based on the types of cars he drives. To that end, he says he traded in his Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, and Cadillacs for an old reliable Hyundai. 

“This what I’m riding in now,” Osiris said in the story. “This my new car. Fuck a foreign. I sold my Lamborghini, I sold my Rolls-Royce, I sold my Cadillacs, yessirski. I ain’t gon’ lie, this thing humble yourself.”

He went on to say that cars and material things shouldn't determine someone's worth and that people will think what they want about you, regardless of what you're driving.

“I ain’t gotta floss for you niggas man," he continued. "Y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. If I do got it, don’t got it, y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. I love this Hyundai. Shit, I ain’t riding a fucking Lamborghini, I ain’t gotta floss for you n-ggas. That’s what’s wrong with you n-ggas, y’all feel like you gotta floss for the Instagram. Man, fuck them man, y’all don’t need to floss for no dumb ass Instagram."

 “Just remember… the same way you got it up, the same way you’ll go down. Swear to God, on my life," he said.

While unorthodox, YK Osiris does deliver an important message this New Year's Eve. The things you have or don't have doesn't define you; the way you act and treat others does.

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