Nike Ends Its Relationship With ASAP Bari

Nike has officially cut ties with ASAP Bari.

Nike has ended its relationship with ASAP Bari following sexual harassment allegations stemming from the release of graphic video footage.

On Monday afternoon, a source told Highsnobiety that Nike had cut ties with Bari. A rep for Nike confirmed the split to Complex in a statement: "We can confirm we are no longer working together."

Bari previously addressed the incident—video of which showed him telling a woman, "You fucked my assistant, now you're going to suck my dick"—in a brief statement, claiming the footage was "misleading" and that all involved parties had resolved the issue "amicably."

Read Bari's full statement, released July 14, below:

"Magnolia" hitmaker and ASAP Mob affiliate Playboi Carti shared his thoughts on the incident during a recent performance in Santa Ana. "I don't support none of that rape shit, fuck all that shit," Carti told the crowd. "That shit wack. But at the end of the day, that's my motherfuckin' brother." After "Fuck Bari!" chants broke out, Carti continued: "Nah, ain't no fuck Bari bro, that's my brother. But the n***a, he did wrong bro."

ASAP Ferg also spoke on the allegations against Bari. "I know about it," Ferg told Hot 97 last week. "It's a touchy story. It's unfortunate, and I'd rather leave it like that... I feel bad about it, but it's unfortunate."

During a show in Long Beach, ASAP Rocky was quoted by attendees as saying Bari was "a bitch."

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