In an interview with Hot 97, ASAP Ferg briefly addressed the controversy surrounding ASAP Mob co-founder ASAP Bari, who has been accused of sexual assault after a disturbing video made the rounds on social media earlier this month.

At around the 25-minute mark, host Ebro Darden brings up Bari and asks if Ferg is aware of the situation.

"Yeah I know about it," Ferg said. "It's a touchy story. It's unfortunate, and I'd rather leave it like that... I feel bad about it, but it's unfortunate."

Days after the footage initially surfaced, fellow ASAP Mob member ASAP Rocky appeared to fire shots at Bari during a concert in California.​ While performing, Rocky seemed to change the lyrics in his verse on his Tyler, the Creator collab "Telephone Calls": "Telephone call from young Carti, said it's lit/Call the young Lord A$AP Bari, he a bitch."

ASAP Mob affiliate Playboi Carti also used stage time to address the Bari situation.

"I don't support none of that rape shit, fuck all that shit," said Carti at a July show in California. "That shit wack. But at the end of the day, that's my motherfuckin' brother."

The crowd began chanting "Fuck Bari!" in response to Carti's declaration, but the rapper set his fans straight on where he stood at the end of the day.

"Nah, ain't no 'fuck Bari' bro, that's my brother," said Carti. "But the nigga, he did wrong bro."

Ferg was also asked how he felt about Kendrick Lamar's double platinum album Damn

"I love it," Ferg said. "It's a bunch of things I love about Kendrick. For the simple fact, one of the first tours I went on was with Kendrick and Drake and the whole Mob, so I've watched his elevation and growth. I like the way he move, he's very militant, very about his art. He doesn't seem like he conforms much. Every time I see him, it's about the art, it's not about his internal life or what's going on outside of art, and I appreciate that."

Ferg also took a minute to big up Jay Z and his recent 4:44 release. "While everybody's running, Jay is on a jet," Ferg said. "He's not a part of this realm, he's in a different stratosphere right now."