After a disturbing video of ASAP Bari appearing to sexually harass a woman hit the internet, the co-founder of ASAP Mob was met with harsh criticism from friends and foes alike. Days after the footage surfaced, ASAP Rocky appeared to fire shots at Bari during a concert in California.

The latest member of the hip-hop community to weigh in on the matter is rising rapper Playboi Carti, whose song "VLONE Thug" is an allusion to his love for the VLONE streetwear company founded by Bari. While in the middle of performing the song at a show in Santa Ana, California, Carti cut the music to address the Bari controversy.

"I don't support none of that rape shit, fuck all that shit," said Carti. "That shit wack. But at the end of the day, that's my motherfuckin' brother."

The declaration from Carti prompted the crowd to begin chanting, "Fuck Bari!" during the concert, but Carti told his fans he wanted to be clear that he could stand by his friend while also denouncing what he did.

"Nah, ain't no fuck Bari bro, that's my brother," said Carti, "But the nigga, he did wrong bro."

This is about as well as Carti could have handled such a sensitive topic. People often take criticism more seriously if it comes from a friend you trust, and Carti was straightforward in denouncing Bari's actions while not cutting ties to his friend altogether.

You can watch a full video of Carti's brief rant up top, with an alternative angle also available below.

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— ㅤ (@martinnlozada) July 18, 2017