As expected, a recent claim that spread across social media regarding a chain purported to have been taken from Ice Spice is indeed a hoax.

That’s the latest regarding the mini-controversy, with TMZ sharing a report on the would-be incident early Thursday noting that the viral clip at the center of the claim was part of a larger hoax aimed at generating attention for those responsible.

“Yo, listen man. We got Ice Spice’s chain, man,” a person holding a “Queen” chain was seen saying in the TikTok clip. “Stop playing with me, man. Pull up. Y’all know where we at, man.”

The comments on the TikTok above inspired a mix of those who took the claim seriously, while others were quick to point out the improbability of it all, namely the fact that Ice Spice has never been seen wearing the chain in question. Per TMZ, “a source close to” Ice Spice has since noted that she doesn’t own a piece resembling the one in the clip. In short, this all seems like a joke of sorts designed to spur virality. Ice Spice herself, meanwhile, has not publicly addressed any of this.

Fans, however, have had some fun amid the ensuing discussion surrounding the fake chain-snatching claim. See some of what’s been said below.

Complex has reached out to reps for Ice Spice for additional comment. This story may be updated.

Ice Spice is on one hell of a run at the moment, with her and PinkPantheress’ “Boy’s a Liar, Pt. 2” having become a mainstay on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. Producer Mura Masa spoke with Jessica McKinney about the track earlier this month.

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