Lil Yachty’s Unparalleled Style Inspires 'How to Dress Like Lil Yachty' TikTok Trend

Yachty's influence could be seen everywhere in 2023.

yachty performing
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yachty performing

This year has been an undeniably prolific one for Lil Yachty, who followed his acclaimed Let’s Start Here album in January with a string of lane-shifting singles leading up to the J. Cole-featuring “The Secret Recipe.” But 2023 hasn’t just been a big year for Yachty in the musical sense, as it’s also proven to be one for the books in terms of his increasingly emulated style.

Yachty’s prowess in this realm has now inspired a TikTok trend focused on showing viewers “how to dress like Lil Yachty.” In @jhalfaday's original video, seen below, fans are given some lighthearted narration on how to put together their own Yachty-inspired look.

“First things first, find the baggiest pair of pants that you own. Now, get baggier,” we hear in the opening moments. “Next, grab whatever shirt you wanna wear. It doesn’t really matter because you’re gonna cover it up with 100 layers. Great! Now find a hoodie that doesn’t match the pants.”

Other fans have since joined in on the trend, each showing off their own Yachty-inspired outfit with a quick dance at the end of their respective video. See a few noteworthy examples below, including one shared by Yachty himself.


Couldve done better cuz most my clothes in LA..will remake

♬ How to Dress Like Lil Yachty - Jhalfaday

Yachty, clearly, is aware of his influence. In October, he marked his frequent collaborator Drake’s birthday by sharing a slew of throwback fit pics, joking that the “Summer Games” sequel denier only “got fly” after becoming friends with him.

More recently, Complex included Yachty in our annual ranking of best dressed rappers for 2023. In fact, Yachty took the top spot this year, and for good reason. See the full list here.

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