This Is Where Lil Yachty Has Been Getting His Amazing Vintage Gear

Check out some of the shops around the world that have helped Lil Yachty grow his insane vintage collection.

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Lil Yachty’s love of vintage clothing isn’t some new phenomenon. He’s been stepping out in vintage since he burst onto the scene with his signature red braids in 2016. Back then, he was wearing so much ‘90s Nautica that the brand gave him his own collaboration. In the years that followed, he’d keep the Nautica in his closet in favor of rare Supreme Box Logos in every color imaginable. His clothing collection is so wild that he sold $200,000 worth of it on Grailed in 2020 and still has more to spare. It looks like some has gone unclaimed if you want to give it a shot. And of course, he’s always kept amazing vintage sneakers ranging from classics like 1985 Air Jordan 1s to obscure Nike ACG hiking boots that we’ve never seen before. 

“I shop everyday. All I do is shop. But if it’s some truly crazy and impossible-to-find shit, that’s when I have to get the hunters involved. But I love hunting for things myself, and I will go anywhere in the world to find something,” the rapper told Fantastic Man in 2021. “I can be in a car and stop it mid-traffic if I see something I’ve been looking for, or that I like, in the window of a store.”

Yachty’s vintage shopping habit hasn’t slowed down. In fact, it may have even gotten wilder. If you’ve been keeping up with him, you’ve probably noticed that he’s rocking a lot of throwback sportswear at the moment, whether he’s on stage during his Field Trip tour or just out around town on his downtime. While traveling across the country, he’s even taken to Instagram to ask his followers where the best spots for vintage shopping are.

His range has been impressive. An Oakland A’s Starter jacket from the ‘90s, tight yellow cycling jersey a la Lance Armstrong, Nashville Predators alternate jersey that the NHL team wore from 2001–2007, and even old school FUBU puffer jackets have all been in rotation. 

If you like vintage clothing as much as we do, there has to be at least one item you’ve seen Yachty wear and wonder, “Where can I get something like that?” We decided to do some digging and try to find out. Check out below some of the vintage boutiques Yachty frequents to accumulate his impressive collection. There are obviously his secret spots that we will never know about, but hey, this is a start. Hopefully, you’re put on to a new shop to find some gems of your own.

First Team Vintage

The Filthy Project

Rewind SC

Round Two Vintage

F as in Frank

Flipn Thriftn



Good Times

Full Circle


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