Drake on Inspiration Behind Spine Outfit: 'Most of These Guys That I Look in the Eyes Are Spineless as F*ck'

Drake also joked that the outfit was made using "the skeletons you got in your closet."

drake performing live
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drake performing live

Drake says the spinelessness of his peers was a key inspiration behind the Big As the What? tour outfit he recently unveiled.

As previously reported, Drake debuted the look early into the latest leg of his It’s All a Blur experience, which this time around features J. Cole. The wearable piece is linked to the work of Shimoda Masakatsu, an artist known for his dinosaur-inspired designs, including a Comme des Garçons collaboration.

"Everybody had jokes yesterday asking why I wore the spine out here," Drake is seen telling the crowd at a recent stop on the tour. "You want me to tell you why I wore the spine out here?"

From there, the “Summer Games” sequel denier outlined his vision for the choice of attire.

“I wore the spine because most of these guys that I look in the eyes are spineless as fuck, so I had to wear the whole backbone,” Drake, who also shouted out Shimoda at the show, said. Per the 6 God, another inspiration behind the piece involved other people’s secrets.

“Plus, we made that shit out of the skeletons you got in your closet,” he told the crowd. “So be careful who you talking to because I will turn up.”

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Next on Drake's tour schedule are back-to-back nights in Nashville. St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Buffalo, and more also have back-to-back Big As the What? stops on the horizon.

As for past talk of perceived spinelessness, this isn’t the first time Drake has broached the topic. Last December, for example, he made a point to call out "tweet-and-deleters" during a Kick stream.

“The non-believers, the underachievers, the tweet-and-deleters," Drake said at the time. "You guys make me sick to my stomach, fam.”

More recently, Drake had some choice words for the Recording Academy amid Grammys 2024 coverage.

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