Clix and Big Body Bes Square Off in Video Promoting Streamer’s New XSET Collection

The 'Fortnite' star is jokingly referred to as "little Poughkeepsie Paul Walker" in the video directed by Shomi Patwary.

Video via XSET

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Video via XSET

Shomi Patwary, a prolific director whose past work includes visuals for ASAP Mob and Belly, among others, is at the helm for a new video promoting Cody "Clix" Conrod and XSET's new collection.

The nearly three-minute clip, released in commemoration of the Drew McCarver-designed High Performance collection, sees the Fortnite star squaring off for an expectedly high-stakes race against Big Body Bes following a period of relentless social media trolling. At one point, Clix is jokingly called "little Poughkeepsie Paul Walker" by Bes. Clix, meanwhile, mocks his opponent as a "bootleg Vin Diesel wannabe."

The jokes play well in the Fast & Furious franchise-inspired video, available in full up top. For more on the new collection, featuring both apparel and accessories, head here.

A person stands with their back turned, wearing a casual T-shirt featuring a car design and text: "6-speed high performance auto racing" and "Set Members Only"
A man in a cap and YSET Racing Team jacket stands near a brightly lit car, with neon lights in the background
Person wearing black logo t-shirt, matching cap, and gloves, posing with tattooed arms crossed in front of neon lights
A young man stands in front of a neon-lit diner, wearing a graphic racing shirt and fingerless gloves

Clix was announced to have joined the XSET family as a part-owner in October of last year. In a statement, the Twitch streamer said the timing of his deal with XSET "couldn't be more perfect" for himself and his fan community.

"I'm blessed to finally sign with an organization that aligns and believes in my vision as a content creator, competitive esports athlete, and entrepreneur supporting the growth of my apparel brand and UEFN studio," Clix said at the time, adding that he and his team were "about to take over."

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