Beyoncé Fans Find Designer Behind Mirrored Cowboy Hat and Flood Her Etsy Shop With Orders

Beyoncé fans somehow discovered the designer behind the pop star's mirrored cowboy hat and slammed the woman with as many as 60 orders per day.

Beyoncé’s mirrored disco ball cowboy hat, which she wore in the image for her Renaissance World Tour announcement, was made by a woman on Etsy.

Now, according to TMZ, designer Abby Misbin had to briefly close her shop due to a barrage of orders. Last June, Bey’s stylist apparently messaged Misbin on her Etsy account, Trending by Abby, to inquire about a hat order for the pop star. Misbin told the outlet that the stylist wanted the hat done in five days’ time. Misbin was “thrilled” and set to work, covering a cowboy hat in 10,000 to 15,000 mirrored tiles.

She ultimately charged Beyoncé $215.

The singer debuted the hat a couple months later in her video teaser, then again in her tour reveal. Upon the announcement, Misbin saw a deluge of orders from fans who wanted the same hat, receiving 60 orders in a day—a lot more than the five to six weekly orders she typically sees. Misbin can only make two hats in a day by herself, so she’s had to enlist her sister’s help to take get the rest of the orders out in time.

Abby wrote on Instagram, “I’m so happy so many of you want a hat and am making them as fast as I can! I’ll be updating my Etsy inventory sometime in the next few days, (favorite the listing to get notified!) as well as changing the production time (2-3 months) to keep up with demand! Each hat takes a long time to perfect and I’d never want to compromise the quality! All customers deserve Beyoncè quality!”

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