The New York Times Sneaks in a Migos Reference in Sunglass Review

The Gray Lady can be quite the hip newspaper.

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The New York Times has recently shown its old age by sending a baby boomer into Brooklyn to seek hipsterdom, but sometimes, the Gray Lady can still prove that it has a finger on the pulse of pop culture.

In Jon Caramanica's latest article for the Critical Shopper series, he breaks down the joys and pains of looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses. It reads just like a normal shopping review, and though anything over 800 words is tl;dr for Internet readers, we hope you read it all the way through to catch a gem in the last paragraph. Something special happens while he explains the atmosphere of a Sunglass Hut.


Sound familiar? It's the lyrics from Migos' "Versace" that you probably heard a million times on the radio by now. Clever, Caramanica. We see you.

It's not the first time the critic has weaved current rap topics into a review (after all, he is mainly a music journalist). Another Critical Shopperarticle from two years ago used Drake's discography to wrap up his shopping experience.

[via New York Times]

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