Best Pharrell Outfits

From all-over print Bape hoodies to look in his own Chanel collaboration, here are some of Pharrell's best outfits of all time.

Pharrell Best Outfits 1

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Pharrell Best Outfits 1

Pharrell Williams is a style icon. For over two decades, the man has been influencing the masses. Whether it was trucker hats and all-over print Bape hoodies in the 2000s or his more recent work with brands like Adidas or Chanel, the people pay attention to what Skateboard P is wearing.

Along with his inability to age, the creative mind behind countless songs and clothing collaborations is also one of the few people who can literally wear anything he wants without worrying about bricking a fit. This means that, while we kept it to 20, it's hard to find something wrong with any of Pharrell's outfits. 

After scrolling through hundreds of photos, we did our best to narrow it down to 20 that we feel best showcase Pharrell's style evolution and trendsetting ability over the past two decades. From the Motorola launch parties to the prestigous Met Gala, here are our picks for 20 of Pharrell's greatest outfits of all time. 

Spike TV Video Game Awards

Pharrell Best Outfits 1

When: 2004

Pharrell has been doing this for a long time. So we would be foolish to look at his best outfits and not take it back to the early aughts. The man even got fresh at random video game award shows back in the day. For this performance at the 2004 Spike TV Video Game Awards, he went with a classic ICECREAM graphic T-shirt. But the accessories are the real star. Peep him showing off his ABC Camo Bape boxers and multicolored Bape camo belt with a diamond-encrusted N.E.R.D buckle.

Billionaire Boys Club Press Conference

Pharrell Best Outfits 3

When: 2004

If you are a fan of Pharrell or Nigo, chances are that you have seen this photos dozens of times, but that doesn't make it any less incredible given the circumstances. Here we see the two creatives side-by-side at the press conference for the launch of Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM footwear with Reebok, two brands that would go on to define the era in streetwear. Skateboard P came correct with the Swawovski logo BBC T-shirt, Bape camo hoodie, and a red ABC Camo Bape trucker cap. The "Diamond and Dollars" sneaker he's showing off in his hands is a nice touch. 

Motorola Fourth Annual Holiday Party

Pharrell Best Outfits 4

When: 2002

Almost 20 years old, this fit is peak N.E.R.D-era Pharrell. Graphic T-shirts for various skate brands, this time Element, were a guarantee. He pieced it with a white sherpa-lined jacket as well, but the highlight here is the iconic yellow N.E.R.D trucker hat. 

Louis Vuitton and 'Interview' Magazine Party

Pharrell Best Outfits 2

When: 2005

Pharrell is absolutely flexing on JAY-Z here. He showed up up to this 2005 event celebrating his upcoming collection of sunglasses with Nigo and Louis Vuitton rocking a blue camo Bape zip hoodie, black BBC Swarovski T-shirt, and Bape denim with a star logo stamped on the crotch area. But all of these streetwear pieces pale in comparison to the copious amount of custom chain from Jacob the Jeweler he's wearing around his neck including a multi-colored Cuban link, N.E.R.D. brain logo pendant, and BBC Moonman all covered in diamonds. 


Pharrell Best Outfits 18

When: 2005

MTV's TRL might no longer be around, but back in the aughts is what the highlight the afternoon for teenagers across the country. Here we see Pharrell appearing on a 2005 episode of the iconic program in a colorful Bape hoodie from the era and a matching pair of Bape Roadstas. The giant N.E.R.D pendant around his neck is the perfect accessory to the loud fit. 

New York City

Pharrell Best Outfits 16

When: 2008

This outfit is the perfect showcase of Pharrell's transition from bright all-over print Bape hoodies and sneakers to a more subtle approach in the late 2000s. Streetwear is still very much the focus with items like a red Billionaire Boys Club fitted cap, white ICECREAM puffer, ICECREAM Running Dog denim, and a WTAPS x Vans collab on feet. A subtle nod to the luxury world he was dabbling in at the time comes courtesy of the Louis Vuitton scarf wrapped around his neck. 

Louis Vuitton Men's Fall/Winter 2008/2009 Fashion Show

Pharrell Best Outfits 15

When: 2008

The purple Millionaire sunglasses he helped design. A Louis Vuitton scarf. The Damier print Keepall in-hand. Backstage at the LV runway show. Luxury P at his finest.

NRJ Music Awards

Pharrell Best Outfits 17

When: 2010

This outfit falls into the "only Pharrell can get away with this" category. The multi-hyphenate rolled up to the 2010 NRJ Music Awards layering a graphic T-shirt for the animated series Chowder, a checkerboard blue and white button-up, and red Polo Ralph Lauren down vest. None of these things inherently make sense when put together. But nothing is as head scratching as the Nike snowboard boots he decided to lace up that are covered in a vibrant multi-colored graphic. As weird as it all is, he must have really liked it because he wore a similar ensemble in his Tank chair campaign the same year.

56th Grammy Awards

Pharrell Grammys

When: 2014

You knew this was going to be on here. In a sea of legendary fits, this one probably got the most mainstream attention. Riding high off of the commercial success of "Happy" and his work with Daft Punk, Pharrell hit the red carpet at the 56th annual Grammy Awards. The red leather Adidas track jacket was already and interesting choice, but his unorthodox brown hat commanded all the attention. It was a vintage Vivienne Westwood hat from the '80s, but quickly became one of the most viral pop culture moments of 2014. Pharrell would make the hat a staple in his wardrobe for the foreseeable future, rocking it in various colors.

Z100 Jingle Ball

Pharrell Best Outfits 14

When: 2014

Long wool coats are a staple in many winter wardrobes, but most people don't opt for, or are able to pull off, a pink version. Pharrell is not most people. Here he pairs the bright coat with distressed denim, an equally worn-in pair of purple Timberland boots, and some more distinct headwear. 

New York City

Pharrell Best Outfits 12

When: 2015

We don't recommend rocking the Canadian tuxedo. But here's just another example of Pharrell being able to pull off anything. The slim fit Levi's denim jacket and pants are paired with a pair of striped red and blue socks. Sneakerheads will take notice of the "Pirate Black" Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s he laced up to show some love to his good friend and brand mate Kanye West. 

CFDA Fashion Awards

Pharrell Best Outfits 13

When: 2015

Pharrell was presented with the Fashon Icon Award at the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards. So, you know he was going to pull up in a stellar fit. Here he can be seen aside the man who presented the award to him during the ceremony, Kanye West, in a fittingly daring outfit. He layered a white graphic T-shirt, red vacation shirt, and blue leather jacket customized with various painted graphics up top. A simple pair of dark wash denim, black leather dress shoes, olive green newsboy cap, and Chanel belt complete the look.

Four Seasons George Hotel (Paris)

Pharrell Best Outfits 11

When: 2016

This is more of the more tame outfits on this list. It is also one of the most wearable for the average person. Pharrell stepped out in Paris in an olive green miltary jacket, khaki pants, and a pair of grey construction boots. His T-shirt and cap are both designed by Cactus Plant Flea Market, which was still just an upstart brand at the time. Pharrell is still one of the brand's biggest supporters to this day.

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Pharrell Best Outfits 9

When: 2017

Pharrell pulled up to the Chanel Fall/Winter 2017/2018 show in Paris with wife Helen Lasichanh once again supporting Cactus Plant Flea Market. He paired the bright tie-dye T-shirt with a pink cardigan, unrealeased colorway of his popular Adidas NMD Hu sneakers, and a purple Chanel sunglass case around his neck. 

Paris Fashion Week Womens Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Pharrell Best Outfits 10

When: 2017

More Cactus Plant Flea Market from Pharrell once again. For this Paris Fashion Week fit he pairs a CPFM crewneck with a camouflage fleece coat, classic red Adidas trackpants, some BBCICECREAM socks covered in the brand's signature Diamonds and Dollars print, and a clean pair of his white Adidas Solar Hu sneaker.

Northside Festival

Pharrell Best Outfits 19

When: 2018

No, this is not Michael Jordan. This is Pharrell catching some air on stage at the Northside festival in Denmark. A "Curry Up" graphic T-shirt from longtime friend Nigo's brand Human Made is paired with some yellow shorts. He flexes his own products on feet, N.E.R.D camo Adidas socks and a pair of the rare "N.E.R.D" Adidas NMD Hu in white, red, blue, and volt green.

Met Gala

Pharrell Best Outfits 20

When: 2018

Pharrell executed the 2018 Met Gala theme, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic Imagination, rather subtlely in comparison to some of the other guests (we're looking at you Rihanna). The look saw him in a classic black suit, patent leather shoes, and various crosses composed of colorful jewels around his neck to represent the religous theme. He gets some additional props for pulling off the blonde hair here too.

Chanel Cruise 2018/2019 Replica Show 

Pharrell Best Outfits 8

When: 2018

Not many people can brag about having their own collection with Chanel. Pharrell can. Here is seen rocking a bright yellow hoodie from his own Chanel collab at the storied brand's 2018/2019 show in Bangkok. As if it were not cool enough he is wearing his own hoodie, he also has his own Adidas sneakers laced up on feet, a black and white pair of the Solar Hu. 

Richard Mille Launch Party

Pharrell Best Outfits 6

When: 2019

Remember how we just talked about not many people being able to brag about their own Chanel collaboration? Well, Pharrell also got to make his own watch with Richard Mille. Here he can be seen flaunting the orange-banded RM 52-05 Tourbillon at the official launch party in Miami. He paired it with a purple satin souvenir jacket from Nigo's Human Made, olive pants, and a white cap. The watch was limited to 30 total pieces and retailed at a quite afforable $969,000. 

10th Annual ONE Musicfest

Pharrell Best Outfits 7

When: 2019

One of Pharrell's go-to pieces throughout 2019 was the "Ye Must Be Born Again" hoodie in various colors. The Kanye West merch designed by none other than Cactus Plant Flea Market was once again his garment of choice to perform at the ONE Musicfest in Atlanta this past September. Pink Noah nylon shorts complete the cozy Fall fit. 

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