Saweetie Announces Icy Jibbitz Collaboration With Crocs

Saweetie has once again partnered with Crocs for the new Icy Jibbitz collection, which includes designs like snowflakes, butterflies, and more.

Photo from Saweetie's "Icy Jibbitz" partnership with Crocs.

Photo from Saweetie's "Icy Jibbitz" partnership with Crocs.

Photo from Saweetie's "Icy Jibbitz" partnership with Crocs.

Saweetie has partnered with Crocs to launch the Icy Jibbitz collection. 

“My fans can now put the icing on any outfit using the Jibbitz charms I designed alongside Crocs—one of my favorite brands and one that values self-expression as much as I do,” Saweetie said in a statement. 

The collection includes Jibbitz that have become synonymous with the “Icy Girl” rapper, such as snowflakes and butterflies, as well as “Icy Season,” a reference to the scrapped EP of the same name which was meant to hold over fans as they waited for the release of her long-awaited debut album Pretty B*tch Music

In a February interview with Billboard, Saweetie said she felt previous EPs, High Maintenance and Icy, were “rushed,” so he decided to shelf Icy Season and focus all of her attention on the album. 

Her latest Crocs collab comes after Saweetie incorporated her love for Hidden Valley Ranch to create an off-white Classic Clog with green speckles. The stroke of marketing genius stemmed from a viral video in which Saweetie excitedly poured ranch dressing all over her spaghetti. While some were confused by the concoction, many others came to her defense and claimed the uninitiated don’t know what they’re missing. 

Jibbitz from her Crocs x Hidden Valley Ranch collab included a slice of pizza, burger, a bottle of ranch dressing, and “HVR!” 

Starting today until 12 p.m. ET on June 24, you can enter now for a chance to buy a limited-edition five-pack of Saweetie’s Icy Jibbitz charms paired with either the Crocs Classic Clog or the Crocs Classic Cozzzy Sandal. 

Click here to visit the virtual store.

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