Drake's OVO Sues Companies for Ripping Off Owl Logo to Sell Merch

Drake wasn't going to let this fly.

Drake makes an announcement during the Toronto Raptors Championship Victory Parade.

Image via Getty/Ron Turenne

Drake makes an announcement during the Toronto Raptors Championship Victory Parade.

TMZ has learned that Drake's OVO imprint is suing the Australian-based company Bellroy and L.A.'s Clae for trademark infringement, accusing them of profiting off a slightly altered version of the owl logo they're famous for. 

OVO argues in the suit that Bellroy "changed the design of the owl by altering its posture, width, wings and feet in order to blatantly mimic the OVO owl." A Twitter search reveals that Bellroy has been flying under the radar—pun intended—since 2013 with people noticing the similarities between the two, and trying to bring it to Drake's attention. 

Is it just me, or does @Drake's OVO owl look eerily similar to the Bellroy wallet owl?

— JOIN RC's DISCORD N SEE VIDS EARLY ON RC's PATREON (@itstherapcritic) December 30, 2013

Bellroy needs to cut a royalty check to OVO. pic.twitter.com/ugydO4Sqhs

— edreece (@EdreeceA) February 19, 2016

OVO never happened to notice when Bellroy was selling items, like wallets and smartphone cases, with the strikingly similar owl logo. 

Clae factors into this lawsuit because both companies flew too close to the sun when they decided to release footwear and clothing collaborations. OVO took issue with them not only veering into their lane, but also misleading customers into thinking that Bellroy was working with Drake's company.

OVO is asking for an injunction to stop Bellroy and Clae from selling anything that looks similar to their owl. OVO also seeks any profits made from their collaboration, in addition to damages.

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