Future Wears Paris Laundry for “Bullseye” Remix Ahead of Star-Studded Atlanta Pop-Up

Paris Laundry throws a star-studded pop up in Atlanta to a host of celebrities and hip-hop artists who are streetwear movers and influencers in the culture.

future at bullseye remix music video

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future at bullseye remix music video

Snippets of Future’s appearance in the music video for the “Bullseye” remix by Real Boston Richey have already captivated streetwear fashion grams largely because of his fit. Fans are obsessed specifically with a pair of buttery calfskin white shorts from Paris Laundry.

This weekend, those shorts, along with other offerings were on display at a star-studded popup that included one of their admirers—Offset who sent his team to pull from the collection.

“I’ve always put that shit on,” Offset said of his longtime relationship with streetwear and drip. He likes Paris Laundry and says that anything having to do with what’s new, he knows about.

Paris Laundry is designed by Guy Samuel and has been in production for a little over a year. Already, they’ve famously dressed Lil Baby while on tour, and Jeezy.

lil baby wearing paris laundry performing

A few months ago, we reported on a brunch that Paris Laundry sponsored for Dave East to coincide with his album drop—they’ve also dressed the Harlem emcee. The brand has a DNA rooted in hip-hop going beyond the aesthetic even to the business side.

Peter Scott, who we referenced in a piece on hip-hop’s love affair with Tommy Hilfiger is on the branding team. Scott is personally responsible for the iconic Aaliyah images of the singer in the red, white, and blue—the ones on countless mood boards. He and his wife, Deneen own Trend Factory, which oversees the branding and sales for several brands.

On their decision to work with Samuel, they said, “We feel Paris Laundry has a fresh perspective on classic silhouettes utilizing fabrications which we’ve all been Infatuated with from the 2000s,” adding, “but with an elevated twist via streetwear.”

Samuel is brilliant enough to elevate the idea of streetwear, taking the concept of coveting a hoodie to another level. It’s the materials that make the difference. His engineering goes a long way towards making this brand different—the simplest of examples is their denim.

“Paris Laundry uses processes that aren’t typical to create a unique identity for each piece. We use washing processes and finishing on knits that are usually employed in denim fabrication, or adding metal beaded trim to a t-shirt collar, in order to elevate the casual,” Samuel said.

Through a process of washing, gloss, and shredding, there’s supposed to be a stiffness one would expect. On the body that’s not always practical. Their jeans, having gone through the above process, are soft to the touch.

Their hoodies feature Swarovski crystals—but the designer has mastered, where this is especially concerned, the art of minimalism. It is, from his most recent collection, an exploration of “less is more.”


Having worked with a lot of hip-hop’s new class, the designer still has a wish list of rappers he’s interested in dressing; at the top is none other than A$AP Rocky. “There’s a lot of synergy between his personal style and the collection,” Samuel said.

Trucker hats, tees, scarves, all round out the collection—most of which hung on racks Saturday amid a backdrop of Atlanta’s glitterati that included B.o.B., Cam Kirk, Travis Porter, K. Camp, and Trap Beckham.

“I’m a huge fan of streetwear,” Offset said. “But as a rapper, I will say I always want to be ahead of the curve. We make things hot. We create the trends.”

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