October's Very Own Just Dropped Two Rare Flandanas so You Can Survive the Rest of Winter

An OVO spin on the newest winter accessory.

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We already know Drakeis a fan of the Flandana, but turns out his co-sign for the fleece-lined bandana is so serious that October's Very Own just dropped two new versions of the winter accessory. Whether you want to wrap it around your face or wear it more like a neck gator, these two pieces are a dope way to battle freezing temps with sherpa fleece lining. One version comes with camo and Arabic script with an OVO owl, while the other has a hyper-realistic owl with "October's Very Own" right there on your visage. If the terrible weather stays the way it is, we're sure that Drizzy will be spotted out rocking one of these soon. Go pick one up at the OVO site for just $36. 

[via October's Very Own]

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