The most innovative and experimental accessories usually come out during wintertime. Let’s face it, even if it's a style risk, you’ll wear almost anything to stay warm. Hybrid options like snoods or dickies are out there, but the Flandana has just bodied the competition. It sounds like a dessert your friend's abuela cooked up, but it’s actually a Sherpa-fleece lined bandana.

Flandanas were originally made to keep graf writers' faces warm when out tagging during winter, but have since blessed Rihanna’s face—we’re betting she has all colors in her new ginormous closet—and maybe yours soon enough. Whether you like to look like a bandit, or aim to pull off a winter Tupac look, you can do so on the coldest winter days and stay extra toasty at the same time.

There are six colors available now on the Flandana and VFiles websites