Drake Shares Several Photos and Art to Commemorate 'Certified Lover Boy' Era

As 'Certified Lover Boy' makes Billboard Hot 100 history, Drake shared some images from the 'CLB' era like sketches of the cover art, other photos, and more.


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As Drake’s latest studio album, Certified Lover Boy makes history by having 9 of its 21 songs occupying the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 charts, the rapper took to Instagram to share some photos that pay homage to the album and everything surrounding it.

Drake shared a series of different images on his Instagram page that all paid homage to the CLB era in some way. He also shared a photo of him with a mysterious woman hugging him as he looks blankly into the shot. The photo, taken by Luis Mora, was at one time rumored to be the cover of Certified Lover Boy. 

Another photo that Drake shared was a version of the final cover art but with a more smudged oil painting aesthetic. A rep for DrakeRelated told Complex the image Drake shared was a progress painting from Damien Hirst while he was making the final painting that was used for the cover art.

Other images that Drizzy shared from the CLB era included a black and white drawing of him in football gear and with a rose in his mouth, the original “CLB” ribbon sketch that is on all of the merchandise associated with the album, and the original kiss print that is found on the brim of his CLB x Nike hat.

Check out all of the images Drake shared to celebrate and immortalize the CLB era after the album just made Billboard chart history down below.

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